Wrongful Death


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Wrongful Death Lawyer in Tampa Florida

Have you lost a loved one due to an accident, medical negligence, or intentional act of another. Losing a loved one is always a difficult and tragic experience, especially when their death is unexpected and due to someone else’s careless, reckless, or malicious behavior.

The term “wrongful death” often refers to a civil lawsuit seeking compensation by family members for the death of a loved one. Death can be either accidental or intentional.

Cases can be brought against individuals, businesses, companies, product manufacturers, trucking companies, and other legal entities responsible for the death.

When a patient dies due to the negligence of a medical provider, like a doctor, hospital, or nursing home, a wrongful death lawsuit can also be filed for the damages caused by the loss.

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To prove wrongful death, you must have evidence that a person or entity was negligent, careless, or reckless in causing the death of a person. For example, if a defendant ran a red light and caused a fatal car accident, this would be clear evidence of negligence. Or, if a patient died due to medical malpractice this would be the basis for a death claim.

If the death was caused intentionally, the evidence must support that claim. This type of claim has the same burden of proof as all other personal injury lawsuits.

Typically, your wrongful death attorney will perform a complete investigation of the facts of the death case to make this determination. If a suit is filed, the sworn deposition testimony of the parties and eyewitnesses will be taken to prove liability for the death. Many times, an independent investigation will be performed by a law enforcement agency or other governmental agency.

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