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Trucking Accident Lawyer in Tampa Florida

Car accidents are inherently traumatic. This trauma, however, can sometimes reach new heights when trucks, especially large ones, are involved. These vehicles are bigger, longer, heavier, and more difficult to steer and slow than ordinary ones. Over ten people are killed every day in a large truck accident, in part because many of the accidents involve head-on collisions. Even in non-fatal truck-related accidents, injuries can be severe.

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One of the most terrifying types of truck accidents to be involved in is a rollover crash. These types of accidents occur most frequently when a truck driver fails to adjust the truck’s speed to any one of a number of factors, including curves in the road, the load being carried, condition of the truck’s brakes, road surface, and intersection conditions. Besides speed adjustment mistakes, inattentive driving and steering errors are other causes of rollover crashes. Furthermore, rollover crashes are also a function of forces that are more likely to affect larger vehicles driving at high speeds on curved surfaces. Centrifugal force, specifically, can cause a large track to lean away from the direction of a road curve as the truck travels on a curved lane.

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