Injunctions For Stalking


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Injunctions For Stalking Lawyer in Tampa Florida

A civil stalking injunction is a court order that tells the respondent that they may not stalk the petitioner, may not contact or go near the petitioner, and may not go near others who are listed in the injunction.

If the petitioner and respondent have children together, the order may also address child custody and parent-time issues to ensure the safety of the victim and any minor children. If the court issues a stalking injunction, but decides not to address custody and parent-time issues, a copy of the stalking injunction shall be filed in any action in which custody and parent-time issues are being considered and that court may modify the injunction to balance the parties’ custody and parent-time rights.

A person who disobeys a civil stalking injunction may be arrested and prosecuted for the crime of stalking or may be held in contempt of court.

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You will need proof of stalking, this can include:

    • Police reports
    • Statements from witnesses
    • Audio or video tapes
    • Photos
    • Letters

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