Nursing Home Negligence


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Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer in Tampa Florida

If you are a witness of nursing home abuse, contact a nursing home abuse lawyer immediately. A nursing home abuse attorney can get justice by helping you file an abuse and neglect case. As a result of their age or affliction, it is usually not easy to communicate with an older person concerning maltreatment and/or neglect and elderly abuse. Thus, in many cases, physical or mental abuse, as well as negligence, go unknown. A number of laws are in position within the State of Florida to cover the elderly by governing the facilities within which they are living.

All of these standards shield the people and senior citizens at these types of facilities. The focused nursing home abuse lawyer at our seasoned elderly care facility mistreatment and neglect law practice stand to offer further protection to the elderly and see that they’re rewarded with the recompense they are entitled. Justice is the central thing in a scenario concerning the exploitation or neglect of a loved one and our firm realizes that truth.

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Some facts about nursing home negligence:

  • Florida has almost 700 nursing homes statewide.
  • Over 75% of Florida’s nursing home residents said they had been neglected in their facility or had witnessed another resident suffer abuse.
  • The most commonly litigated nursing home abuse injuries are bedsores, falls, and wrongful death.
  • Most of Florida’s skilled nursing facilities are corporate, for-profit facilities.
  • Most of Florida’s nursing homes are part of a larger ‘chain’ of nursing homes.
  • The individually owned ‘mom and pop’ nursing homes are quickly disappearing and being replaced by corporate-owned, corporate-controlled nursing home conglomerates.
  • Elderly residents in for-profit nursing homes are more than twice as likely to suffer neglect or abuse injuries versus non-profit facilities.

If you or your loved one has been injured due to nursing home negligence, then please contact us right now. We will help you get what you deserve and take back control of your life.


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