Family Law

Under specified statutes, family or household members have certain legal responsibilities to one another, especially between married couples and in parent-child relationships. When disputes regarding familial relationships arise, it often takes the expertise of a family law attorney to guide a party through the legal process. Because of the close connection between the parties, emotions may run high, frequently turning family law matters into stressful events. This added layer of complication means that these cases can become contentious, long lasting, and potentially harmful to any children involved. Thankfully, an experienced family law attorney can make the process run smoothly, while still acting zealously as an advocate for your rights. We understand the emotional impact of family law cases, and will ensure that you are treated with the respect and dignity you deserve throughout the process. At our firm, we handle a large variety of family law cases, including the following areas:

Paternity Actions

Today, families come in all shapes and sizes; households can be made up of any number or type of individuals, not just married parents and their children. Now more than ever, this means that children are being born to unwed parents. In this scenario, there may be a question as to the paternity of these children (as paternity is typically presumed under the law for married couples). Establishing paternity is important, as it defines the legal rights and obligations that a father has to a child. There are a variety of ways to establish paternity, from voluntary acknowledgement to genetic testing. The means used depends upon the intricacies of each individual case and the type of relationship between the parties.


Once paternity is determined, a father may have financial responsibilities to that child, including child support payments. He may also be entitled to custody or visitation rights. If you are a mother who is attempting to establish paternity or obtain child support, our firm can help you through the process with the kindness and consideration you deserve.


Similarly, if you are unsure if you are the father of a child or if you are currently paying child support, we can help establish paternity and your actual legal obligations. Even if paternity has already been established, and you later find that you are not the biological father of the child, you may be able to modify your legal obligations. Paternity actions have important legal consequences and it is necessary that all parties involved understand their rights and the potential ramifications. If you are questioning paternity or have questions about the process, please contact our office today.


The end of a marriage is undoubtedly difficult for the entire family. With it comes the division of not only marital assets and liabilities, but also child custody and expense sharing. Couples are often in conflict and are experiencing turmoil during the process, and therefore, it is essential that they obtain the services of a family law attorney. Trying to come to adequate terms without the aid of an attorney may end poorly for one or both parties, ultimately harming any children who are affected by the divorce.


At our firm, we will ensure that you receive any and all assets that you are entitled to. We will also make sure that any and all custody and visitation agreements regarding your children are fair and in the best interest of the family. Though this is a difficult time, the professionals at our firm will help you through it with compassion and care, while also ensuring that your legal rights are superiorly maintained.

Relocation of Children

If parents are married or have a legally binding agreement regarding custody or visitation, a court order must be obtained in order to relocate any children. Even if you have a new job offer or would like to be closer to other family members, you still need to ensure that the move is within your legal rights. If you are looking to relocate your child, please contact us before making any changes. We will ensue the proper legal procedures to petition the relocation of your children.


Similarly, if your child has been relocated against your wishes by another parent, please contact us as soon as possible. Not only are there are time limitations for relocation actions, but the health and safety of your children may also be in danger. In fact, the removal of the children may even result in parental kidnapping charges, depending upon the situation. To preserve your rights regarding your children, you should contact our office immediately. Because of the nuances and complexities involved in relocation of children, hiring an experienced family law attorney will help ensure the best outcome for you and your family.

Injunctions for Domestic Violence/Harassment/Stalking

Petitioner: Protecting yourself or your children from harm is of the utmost importance. If you have experienced domestic violence, harassment, or stalking, you can apply for an injunction. These injunctions, otherwise known as restraining orders, are designed to protect you and your children from the offending party. If the alleged abuser violates the terms of the injunction, he or she could face criminal penalties. Furthermore, any violation may negatively impact any custody or visitation rights that are currently in place. Courts take these injunctions very seriously, as they wish to maintain the health and safety of a petitioner and his or her children.


Respondent: Individuals who have been accused of actions such as domestic violence, harassment, or stalking require exceptional legal representation. These injunctions can carry dire consequences, especially if the terms of an injunction are violated, which may include criminal charges or loss of custody of children. No matter your situation, it is important that you contact an attorney who will advocate for your best interests. In these stressful situations, allegations may be liberally and intentionally used in an attempt to gain custody of children, but with an experienced family law attorney, you can be sure that any allegations will be thoroughly investigated and any proposed injunctions will be swiftly resolved.